Financial Success for Creative Professionals


If you pour passion into each project or performance, it's time to propel your career to the next level, realize your full potential, and achieve Financial SUCCESS!

Financial Success for Creative Professionals is a proven and guaranteed marketing plan that delivers profound earnings to artists, writers, musicians, and performers of all types. This is not a book of business philosophies, but a comprehensive, consultative plan to achieve absolute success. Creators are walked through every step of the marketing process to build a unique presence, recruit hundreds of thousands of consumers, and earn the revenue your passion deserves. This is the only plan you will ever purchase to fulfill your dream of real financial independence.

Similar marketing seminars and courses range from $500 to $3,500! That's a high price to pay for workshops that don't guarantee success. This complete marketing plan is a 167-page PDF download that contains the proven procedures to build your fan base, solidify your market position, and generate higher revenues, period.

Financial Success for Creative Professionals is valued at $99.99, but it's currently selling for 65% OFF the valued price.

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Written by Ron Gavalik, M.A.

Edited by Rebecca Hoffman. Illustrated by Zach Revale and Darcy Babines. New media consulting provided by the Creative Web Solutions team.

The 5-Part Marketing Plan for Creative Success

Marketing Theory for Creators
Become empowered with specific marketing theory as it applies to creative products and performances.

Build Your Marketing Structure
You're given the tools to build a strong public position locally and on the web. You'll set confident pricing, choose the best source for a high-traffic website, and harness the power of email newsletter campaigns.

Media Marketing
Maximize the marketing benefits of the top social media outlets. Win the support of the news media to increase exposure and earn public confidence. You'll use personal print media as free advertising in public appearances.

Diversify Your Income
Draw income from multiple venues to ensure financial security. Use the power of affiliate marketing, and incorporate advertising programs into your marketing initiatives.
Marketing Schedule Checklists
Complete marekting plan initiatives while safeguarding your artistic process. You're given easy-to-follow Monthly, Weekly, and Daily checklists that assist you in growing your fan base around the world.

Propel your career to the next level!

Download Financial Success for Creative Professionals while it sells for 65% OFF the valued price.

Own your plan immediately for only $35.00!


Creators Who Benefit from the Marketing Plan

Authors and Bloggers

All Visual Artists

DJs, Bands, and Solo Musicians

Photographers and Filmmakers

Crafters and Designers

Stage/Street Performers and Models

Testimonials from Successful Creators!
As an arts administrator, I encounter creative professionals of all types - all of whom are at varying levels in their careers. For those who are committed to achieving professional and financial success, I highly recommend Financial Success for Creative Professionals. This plan is a must. Read it, learn it, live it! I'm thankful for it.

Carla E. Anderton, President, Board of the Directors, Jozart Center for the Arts.

With so many t-shirt design websites on the internet, getting your product noticed is nearly impossible. I was hesitant on spending money at first, but not having a good strategy, I decided to take a shot. I can say this product definitely works! In only a few days of putting your plan to work I noticed a jump in sales and quickly made back the fee it cost to download. If you have little or no experience in marketing this is the plan for you. It is extremely easy to follow and simple to put in place. Thank you!

David Thon, Designer and Owner, The Tee Warehouse

Five Stars! I’ve been an indie fiction writer for a couple of years. Your plan has helped me achieve greater notoriety among fantasy readers and I'm seeing my readership grow every day. I’m now more confident than before and these guidelines are bringing me phenomenal success.

Cynthia Ravinski, Fantasy Author of Lingering in the Woods and contributor to the Portland Scribists Anthologies

Money well spent! Since using your marketing plan, our bookings almost doubled and my clients don't even blink when I charge them premium prices. I'm hiring more people just to keep up with demand. Thanks and congrats on a great plan!

Chuck Spicuzza, DJ,  Pittsburgh East Entertainment
Endorsements are provided from a verifiable group of creative professionals.